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10 Great Band Warm–Up Exercises



10 Great Band Warm–Up Exercises


As this body of mine gets older, I find it increasing more challenging to find that workout that get it ready to knock out a great interval strength workout.  I am a firm believer that if I can go through a solid and effective warm-up, the likelihood I me getting a life changing workout is better.

The problem is finding that special way to get me in the zone.

When I am going to be knocking out a strength workout with or without bands, I find doing a low resistance dynamic band routine is a very effective way to get all system dialed in.

I recently tested this concept with 2 different bootcamp groups it was unanimous.  This form of warm-up was not only very effective but it made getting the body ready to exercise intensely a whole lot less painful.

Take a look at what I a mean and understand that you can use several different exercises but make them total body as much as possible


Here is my suggested warm-up:

  • Band stretching like I demo in the Total Flexibility DVD followed by these 10 easy dynamic band exercises
  • Alternate Kneeling Planks
  • Side hip drops Right and Left
  • Shoulder Circles
  • High pulls
  • Alternating shoulder press
  • Over head split squat Right and Left
  • Lateral Hip walking
  • Lunging or stationary Pull apart


Getting BETTER with BANDS,
dave schmitz


PS… Any of the single band packages are a great package option to get all the bands you need to do Free Band Training as well as this dynamic warm-up. http://tinyurl.com/2cr3lg3


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