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10 Reasons WHY You Should Use Accelerators In Boot Camp

10 Reasons WHY You Should Use Accelerators In Boot Camp

You know interval training rocks for fat loss. Why would we want to replace it?


Let’s be honest here.


It’s just boring. And when your clients get bored…


Bored clients = poor attendance.


That’s the cold, hard truth. And you know what happens next…  They fall off the radar. You can just forget about results if you can’t get your clients to show up and bring their “A” game.


Sometimes, you need more than caffeinated beverages, alcohol and gifts cards to make them fall in love with you. (Not literally folks…)


Enter what I call, Fat Loss Accelerators.


In short, a Fat Loss Accelerator is a hybrid metabolic complex that is very demanding, set up in circuit style with no rest between the exercises, and perhaps some of the weirdest hybrid exercises you’ve seen.


These unique exercises will make you the “go-to” trainer in your hood. My clients fell in love with this concept years ago, when I introduced them to the “adrenaline rush” and became my walking referral machines.


By replacing intervals with hybrid metabolic complexes, you’ll burn even more calories, lose more fat and boost your afterburn, while at the same time reducing the impact on joints.


That’s means your clients won’t be on the “overuse injury” alert radar, because instead of only hitting legs as would with traditional intervals, you’ll be using your entire body to elicit a greater metabolic response.


It’s the perfect solution.


Now here we go with the countdown.


10 Reasons WHY You Should Use Accelerators


# 10. You can use these workouts in a group setting. One client can rest while the other works

# 9. You can progress or regress the Accelerators depending on the your client’s conditioning level

# 8. You can do Accelerators in any small space in a crowded gym. Listen, this works in NYC so you can definitely do it anywhere

# 7. You only need one, single weighted piece of equipment or simply bodyweight

# 6. Workouts are done within 15-20 minutes tops. Hello greater afterburn effect in less training time

# 5. Not a second is wasted switching between exercises

# 4. Train your entire body in one single period without any rest

# 3. The perfect “off” day training session for those short on time

# 2. You can use these workouts as an entire training session, not just as a workout finisher


and drum roll please….


# 1. You will accelerate your client’s fat loss results in LESS training time AND have awesome fun doing it!


Listen, it’s 2014. You need to be innovative, the leader and “bring it” everyday to grow your business. It’s all about standing out in the marketplace.


What is the most cost effective way to get more awesome clients in your business?




This unique style of training will make you the talk of the town, get your clients addicted and keep a steady flow of referrals coming in the door. Plus, your clients will get sexy results and be a walking billboard for you.


Don’t be left feeling lost in the middle of a workout, fishing for the next move and wondering what you’ll do next, simply because you’ve run out of awesome ideas.


With fun challenges like the “50 rep Accelerator” workout – who says you can’t accelerate fat loss for your clients, improve your conditioning and have a blast at the same time?


Get 18 New Fat Loss Accelerators here


Get all 18 of these NEW Hybrid workouts here <= Follow-Along Videos

Alternate link to grab this deal http://tinyurl.com/mmb64sf (just in case link above didn’t work)

Rock your bootcamp!



Kate Vidulich, Master CTT

Author of the Fat Loss Accelerators 2.0 System



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