2 MetCon Group Training Workouts That Get Results!

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2 MetCon Group Training Workouts That Get Results!

by Sarah Rippel,Author of Build N’ Burn 


             MetCon Workout 1

Use Seconds Pro timer app set for 60s work interval/30s rest – make sure to set the “halfway” for the work intervals!


Circuit 1: 60s work/30s transition x3 

1.Band Row (https://youtu.be/ncFyDaM0ZIw) / Straight-Arm Pulldown (https://youtu.be/9y3nJtK1MGk) – switch exercises at half


2.Hip Circle Zig Zag Walk – stay athletic – switch direction at half (https://youtu.be/gSrURKnAA7s)


3.KB Swing / Goblet Squat with 2s Pause at bottom – switch exercises at half (changed power swing to a regular swing)


Circuit 2: 60s/30s x3 

1.Sandbell Shouldering (https://youtu.be/V-IHakeRfNI)


2.Open Palm KB Overhead Press (https://youtu.be/OEbtaSl-GtQ)


3.Dead Bug Straight Leg Lowering – Hold lowered leg for 5s (https://youtu.be/Gt6Eq5seGX4)


  Circuit 3: 60s/30s x3 

1.Sandbell Slam with Stepback (https://youtu.be/jUpwcm1zl4Y)


2.Suspension Trainer Row with 4s lowering


3.Bench Dog Holds – alternating; 5s/side (https://youtu.be/69gBkAVDEvw)



MetCon Workout 2


Circuit 1: 4 rounds or 15 MIN AMRAP

1.Sandbell Reverse Scoop Toss (https://youtu.be/77ZTDjKnDUo) – perform a throw, jog to retrieve the sandbell, then continue throwing for distance


2.Toe-Touch Stride KB Swap– Hold 5s/side x 5-8/side per forward foot(https://youtu.be/KCkNBXS0-rc) Progress to eyes closed OR eyes open/single leg

 3.90 Degree Reverse Crunch x 10-15   (https://youtu.be/P0Ay460ZT8g


Circuit 2: 4 rounds  or 15 MIN AMRAP

1.Sandbell Squat to Overhead Throw – to end of building and back (~50-75 yds)  (https://youtu.be/PNJJ_IBq-Ms)

2.Bench Dog Row– x 10-15/side  (https://youtu.be/kRDNkcgppD8)

3. Alternating DB Snatch x 10 total (5/side)



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