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2 More Of Our Toughest Bootcamp Workouts! (video)

2 More Of Our Toughest Bootcamp Workouts! (video)

by Scott York


Due to the response of my recently sharing one of my top 10 toughest boot camp workouts, I’m going to share TWO more of my top 10 toughest workouts!

You can never have enough new workouts, right!

I’ve been running a fitness boot camp for over 5 years.

And I LOVE planning the workouts AND DOING the workouts with my boot camp group.

But the workouts have to be demanding and they have to get results  – I always design our boot camp workouts with my fiercest boot campers in mind.  My reasoning is that if they get a great challenging workout, then everyone else will as well.

A lot of my participants have been with me for 5 years – coming back month after month because our workouts deliver!

I need interesting, challenging, fast, fun and effective workouts to keep my boot camp group STOKED!

The 2 newest workouts that you’re about to see are called:

1) 10-10-20


2) Every 2 Minutes With A Partner

You can tweak these workouts to fit your needs.

Experiment with the number of people, the reps, the time, the equipment, etc.

Here’s the link to view these workouts:


note – you’ll also see:  Partner POC With A Medicine Ball (workout), Flip and Score (game) and Trash (game).  When viewing these videos, be sure to view in “Full” mode and turn up your speakers to hear the audio!

Have fun!

And speaking of fun, don’t forget to prepare your boot campers for the main workout by using one of the 51 + games in the best selling eBook, “Fitness Games!”

If you haven’t gotten “Fitness Games” yet, you’ll kick yourself for not having bought it sooner.

When you add up all of the games and valuable bonuses and what they can do for your boot camp business, you’ll realize that for the cost of a fraction of what you probably charge for 1 person to attend your boot camp – it’s a no brainer!

Get it at http://georgettepann.com/fitgames 

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