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2 Unique Bootcamp Team Games

Boot Camp Team Games=Team Hurdles – Chips & Gravy


EQUIPMENT: Multiple markers, 2 calculators (optional but speeds things up)
TIME: 10 minutes
AIM: To hurdle over the opposing team and collect points
METHOD: Split the group in two teams of equal ability where possible. Space out the markers as shown in the diagram. Team one will plank first and team two will hurdle first. Round one, 1 minute 30 secondsTeam one: Players must face their individual marker in the plank position.Team two: Players must run and jump over the opposing team. When players reach the end marker they must sprint back to the start and repeat. Players record an individual point every time they get back to the start. When the time is up the team captain must add up all the points and the instructor records the score. Teams now switch rolls. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Round two, 1 minute 30 secondsSame as above. However this time, players in the plank must stand up on their hands and go down back in to the plank continuously until the time is up. This will make it even harder for the other players to hurdle them. 
NOTES: Players of lower ability are encouraged to plank on their knees.Players must jump over the mid-section and not the legs



Chips & Gravy


EQUIPMENT: 1 marker
TIME: 7 minutes
AIM: Score as many points as possible in the given time
METHOD: Mark out the diagram as shown and split the group in to teams of two. To start, players must partner up with an opposing team member in the game play area. Players face one another and shake their fists (right hand) three times (as in rock paper scissors), on the forth shake, players either shout, “chips” or “gravy”. If the word matches (i.e. they both say “chips” or they both say “gravy”) they must sprint out to the point’s marker and back, this scores each player a point. If the word doesn’t match they must perform 10 press ups in the exercise area which means they don’t score a point for that round.


Players must repeat this process until the time expires. At the end of the game each team must combine individual players’ points. The team with the most combined points wins the game.


TIPS/VARIATIONS:      Place out two run out markers, one for the low intensity group and one for the high intensity (fitter individuals) group.     Although players are in teams, they are allowed to play the game with whoever is available at the time. 
NOTES:      The instructor can pick any two words; it doesn’t have to be chips and gravy, however the words must go together.     Players must always return to the exercise area before pairing up for “chips & gravy”.     If teams are uneven sizes, for points-based games and challenges I ask the larger team to deduct the lowest score. 




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