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Bootcamp cardio video part 1, from www.circuits4life.com http://www.audioacrobat.com/playv/WSPDdVL4 Part 2 of 4, “up the ladder” Watch here [url]http://www.audioacrobat.com/playv/WJRCcsr4[/url] Part 3 “T-drill” Watch here http://tinyurl.com/cev6hr Part 4 “Fwd/bck, side shuffle” Watch here http://tinyurl.com/co4vy3 Exclusivel contribution for IC member Peter Manning Circuits4Life… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Exercises

Bands and Bags–Josh Henkin There is a great debate, do or do not use unstable training!? Well, it isn’t so black and white as few things tend to be. There are many forms of instability training. In some respects, dumbbells… Continue Reading…

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Here’s a sample Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workout. This particular session is called the TT Intermediate Introduction workout. If you need to make it easier, just do less and take more breaks. Never skip the warm-up. And remember, there is NO… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Exercises

The TRX in Action at Bootcamp Corey Belin gives us a glimpse at two workouts he’s put together for his students. During week one, Belin has the students repeat the following sequence of TRX exercises to warm up during the… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Exercises

When You Order You Will Receive FREE FOUR Great E-books to Get Your Training Started! You will also receive an HOUR long DVD filmed at the renown Results-Fitness, home of Alywn and Rachel Cosgrove. This DVD will take you through… Continue Reading…


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