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Bootcamp Workout Steve Payne Firestorm Fitness Day One A. Dynamic Warm-up & Hip Mobility B. Partner Shuttle run competition 1. Sprint 20 yards out, 20 mountain climbers, sprint 20 yards back 2. Partner goes 3. Sprint 40 yards out, 20… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Exercises

Workout A – Turbulence Training Bootcamp Workout #3 – TT Intermediate Intensity Make sure to listen to the call for more details on all of the exercises and why I put the workout together in this order…Each exercise is done… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Exercises

Tough Bodyweight Training It amazes when some loud mouth bodybuilder who can barely get their arms over their head and couldn’t jump over hedgehog, suggests that ‘bodyweight training is for pussies’. I have read this phrase in forums across the… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Workouts

TRX Special: Purchase any TRX and get FREE DVD Training Program plus Free Ground Shipping Only through Inner Circle link.Go to this link: http://tinyurl.com/8hpnv8 coupon code TRXNEWS Read more […]

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The Fitness Bootcamp Inner Circle will be celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary and has grown to thousands of bootcamp trainers all over the world! Weather you are running a franchise,licensed bootcamp ,or independently started a fitness bootcamp we have joined… Continue Reading…


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