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Watch the quick video to see some fun . These bars are very popular at boot camps and group fitness classes because they are simple but very effective and fun.     The Equalizer  http://tinyurl.com/62t89m     The Buddy System  http://tinyurl.com/62t89m… Continue Reading…

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CST Bodyweight Workout – How to beat fat “inch by inch” By Adam Steer of Bodyweight Blueprint http://budurl.com/BWBlueprint This time we’re featuring another full workout that you can do anytime and in any open space.  If you are an experienced… Continue Reading…

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Update~  CFCInformationalAudioClip     Corporate Challenge Creator Trina Gray is helping trainers around the world implement her corporate boot camp system. For an investment of a few hundred dollars, trainers are making thousands. With the help of a coaching call, trainers are getting… Continue Reading…

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Kick Workplaces into Shape and Strengthen Your Bottom Line By: Trina Gray Health care costs are soaring. Businesses are making cutbacks in our challenged economy. Certainly, this is not good news. Now’s our chance; fitness professionals can be a part… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

Out Of The Gym And Into The Jungle Adam Steer  Here in Quebec the Winters are long and cold.  So when the air turns warm and the sunshine gains in strength, I’m loath to be indoors for my training.  Right now… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp ExercisesBootcamp MarketingBootcamp Workouts

http://budurl.com/BoxingProfits by Bryan Oritz   One of the most effective and inexpensive pieces of equipment anyone can own that will literally melt the fat off very quickly and that’s the jump rope! Remember when you were a kid how much… Continue Reading…


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