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TRX Metabolic Circuit Workout (Kevin Smyth, FIT Personal Training Studio) The New TRX http://budurl.com/theTRX Read more […]

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The Minimalist Workout   Day 1 1) Squat (3 x 6) 2a) Chin-ups (3 x AMAP ) 2b) Push-Ups (3 x AMAP ) 2c) DB Lunges (3 x 10/side) 3) KB Swings x 100    Day 2 1) Deadlift (3… Continue Reading…

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Three Profit-Producing Public Speaking Topics to Generate Athletic Clients   By Isaac Wilkins, M.Ed, CSCS, NSCA-CPT     Ok, so we all know that in order to be successful in marketing yourself as an athletic performance coach you need to… Continue Reading…

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Ropes Gone Wild Patterns from art of strength on Vimeo. Read more […]

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Opening a Fitness Center – 7 Steps to Making Your Passion for Fitness an Entrepreneurial Reality   By CaronBeesley   The fitness industry continues to be a lucrative market opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Despite a crippling recession, the… Continue Reading…

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  Check Out Brian’s Bare Bones Boot Camp System at http://tinyurl.com/5gbqdg Read more […]


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