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Should you Start a Boot Camp? by Kaiser Serajuddin If you’re an independent personal trainer that’s been doing well training clients one-on-one, there’s still an urge that I’m sure has been calling to you…   Get started running profitable bootcamps… Continue Reading…

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    10 Great Band Warm–Up Exercises   As this body of mine gets older, I find it increasing more challenging to find that workout that get it ready to knock out a great interval strength workout.  I am a… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

2 More Of Our Toughest Bootcamp Workouts! (video) by Scott York http://georgettepann.com/fitgames  Due to the response of my recently sharing one of my top 10 toughest boot camp workouts, I’m going to share TWO more of my top 10 toughest… Continue Reading…

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Your Fitness Marketing Plan   When it comes to getting new clients, and makeing more money in your fitness business, it all comes down to planning for success.   Do you plan for success?   Do you have a written… Continue Reading…

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  TT Bodyweight Exercise Substitution List Craig Ballantyne Exercise Substitutions1) To replace Squats, you can do:   1-leg hip extensions Step-ups Deep Step-ups Split squats Reverse lunges Forward lunges Bulgarian split squats (with back foot elevated on a bench) Reaching… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Marketing

Do you value yourself like a Fitness Rockstar would?   As I continue to work on fitness marketing with outrageously talented Fit Pros, Personal Trainers and Presenters to raise their fitness profile to ‘Rockstar’ status and their earnings to match… Continue Reading…


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