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As you can imagine, I get tons of products sent my way for review and to get my endorsement, but there’s one I got recently that lives up to the hype.  It’s the SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM, a new program just… Continue Reading…

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Personal Trainers: The How and Why of Automated Billing A special guest post by Super-Trainer.com editor Kaiser Serajuddin Training is easy and fun; there are just a few things that suck about it. Here are a few of them: clients… Continue Reading…

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Do Your Clients Know How Much Work You Do?  by Ben London With the relentless over exposure different fitness industry training courses offer in the commercial media advertising how “easy” it is to own your own business in the industry,… Continue Reading…

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Ways To Make Fitness Fun For Adults  by Scott York   A lady called me this week to inquire about joining my fitness boot camp. I asked her a couple of health and fitness related questions and then I sat… Continue Reading…

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  You can download the report with the link below. no opt in required:) just go to : Fitness Testimonials: Get More Persuasive Testimonials For Your Bootcamp Now Read more […]

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Creating Successful Fitness Bootcamps by Josh Henkin in Ultimate Sandbag Training Blog The industry is evolving, partly due to the problems in the economy and partly because even the best coaches can wear down after years of working very long… Continue Reading…


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