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Coach Dos’ Top TRX Exercises http://budurl.com/theTRX We love Coach Dos. Not only does he conduct “Beer Interviews” (sipping a cold one while picking the brains of the industry’s greats – genius! You can see these on his website), but when… Continue Reading…

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Method Behind the Madness: ADRENALINE ABS ADRENALINE ABS is a cutting-edge program that we’re using in the month of camp featuring a fusion of 10-second total body exercises to boost adrenaline and burn stubborn fat and 10-second core stability exercises… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Marketing

“Transforming Fitness Bootcamps into Multiple Revenue Streams for Maximal Profit & Results “ for all of my valued subscribers!  This FREE webinar will be presented by Jonathan Angellilli, a.k.a , Johnny Fitness Jonathan is a six figure personal trainer that… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Marketing

   Corporate Fitness as a Profit Center for Clubs By Greg Justice Greg Justice is founder and creator of the original Corporate Boot Camp System and AYC Health & Fitness, Prairie Village, KS. He has mentored, taught and partnered with… Continue Reading…


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