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  Are You Sick And Tired Of All The Marketing Hype About Fitness Success?  “The Cold Hard Truth” About Fitness Empire Creation! Grab pdf and videos here http://tinyurl.com/29kbfwk

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The Bootcamp Business Builders Sale starts Now! Black Friday through Cyber Monday you can get up to 50% Off ALL my Bootcamp products for Fit Pros and Bootcamp Trainers   Here’s the website where you can claim your savings:  … Continue Reading…

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A Real World Training Lab That Is Guaranteed To Bring You Repeat Customers And Help You Dominate Your Fitness Business In 2011 FREE 60 minute video training session  and a fifteen page PDF. Grab pdf and videos here http://tinyurl.com/29kbfwk  You… Continue Reading…

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51 Page Core Training Blueprint Grab it free at plus video  http://tinyurl.com/29kbfwk

Bootcamp Marketingfitness bootcamp

Adding Boot Camps to Your Personal Training Offerings By Kaiser Serajuddin When it comes to boot camps and group training, you’ll find most trainers have an either/or attitude. You’ll find them taking a stance behind one or the other business… Continue Reading…


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