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Athletic Boot Camp Exercise movements to Include in your Your Fitness Boot Camps Do you need much more fitness training routines for your health and fitness bootcamps? It is quite crucial for fitness boot camp trainers to add new and… Continue Reading…

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  The Anatomy of a BRILLIANT bootcamp session by Paul Mort Now this may not be the ‘sexiest’ post I’ve ever written but it is something I’m pretty passionate about. You see, having the ability and the enthusiasm to teach… Continue Reading…

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    The Complete Turbulence Training 2010 Workout Program Library The story is usually the same around this time of year…full of end-of-year work parties, holiday gatherings of massive meals, decadent desserts, endless food and drink, and countless pieces of… Continue Reading…

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Introducing TACFIT Warrior… http://georgettepann.com/TactfitWarrior This program is NOT available in stores , and can only be accessed through this website. The 21st Century’s answer to six thousand years of warrior wisdom,  and the only bodyweight fitness system that delivers a… Continue Reading…

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  I promised you that Brian and I would be offering you F.ree Bonuses for the brand new”Done-For-You” training system     This will explode your Fitness Bootcamp Business or personal training business and that’s an understatement. (Accepting 300 trainers… Continue Reading…

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