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  The Under $200 Killer Website Guide For Fitness Pros Want a killer website for your fitness business for under $200? Most fitness professionals don’t know the secret to an inexpensive, traffic pulling, killer fitness website. You’d be surprised how… Continue Reading…

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 TIPS FOR A TOP-NOTCH BOOTCAMP: How To Get More Money And More Time Off From Your Bootcamps There are so many Bootcamps popping up everyday that it is becoming more and more important to distinguish yourself apart from the others…. Continue Reading…

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Webinar:How to Overcome Objections and Close Leads Thursday January 27th @ 3pm EST for our 30 minute webinar “How to Overcome Objections to Selling Personal Training”.  <—[Click Here to Reserve Spot] Many trainers have tons of leads this time of… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Marketingfitness bootcampFitness Business Revenue Streams

Using New Technology to Generate Leads and Automate Your Fitness Business By Curtis Mock Text Messaging is king of the communication world right now.  Thanks to American Idol and every other voting show, we know that people love to TEXT…. Continue Reading…

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Is Bodyweight Exercise Enough?   by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss & Fitness Expert  I teach my clients 3 main rules about how to progress from bodyweight exercises to exercises that get a greater effect. … Continue Reading…

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Jet gang One of my favorite bloggers online is Kim Roach over at BuzzBlogger.com. Kim is one of those rare finds in the IM space that consistently provides tremendous value in everything she does. She’s a country gal at heart… Continue Reading…


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