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Bootcamp MarketingFitness Bootcamp Marketing

“Boot Camp Dominator’s Check List” By Steve Hochman #1 – The follow up – Now I have a good reason for starting with this one. I’ve seen far too many fitness professionals go through my system, get landslides of leads,… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp MarketingFitness Bootcamp Marketing

Who Else Wants to Be A Boot Camp Hijacker by Steve Hochman It’s official, we’re on ORANGE alert.  Boot Camp Hijckers have been spotted in YOUR area. You may even be living NEXT DOOR to one. Here’s the profile of… Continue Reading…


A Fat Melting Workout for your Bootcampers by Paul Mort As you know, I’m as passionate about giving you tips on training and programming as I am about dishing out business and marketing advice so today I thought I’d just… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp MarketingFitness Bootcamp Marketing

  How To Make a Quick $6000, And Get An Avalanche Of New Boot Camp Clients Hey Steve Hochman here with one of the most powerful ways to load your boot camp with new clients. I call it the “Human… Continue Reading…


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