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Today is the final day for you to save $100 on the Fitness Sales Formula system. Get it here: fitnesssalesformula Here’s a list of everything that’s included in the system: Fitness Sales Formula Module #1: The BIG 5 Closing System… Continue Reading…

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I am really excited about a package I just got Fed Exd to me today. I just went cover to cover through an amazing SECOND EDITION of Trina Gray’s Corporate Fit Challenge. *       It’s all there. A… Continue Reading…

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Turbulence Training Advanced Bodyweight 4-Week Workout Program  by Craig Ballantyne, author of Turbulence Training Warm-up Circuit – 2 rounds – Spend 15 seconds on each exercise. 1) Jumping Jacks 2) Bodyweight Squat 3) Pushups 4) Mountain Climbers 5) Prisoner Forward… Continue Reading…

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  4-Week “TT Transformation Blueprint” Program  TT Bonus Program No you can get this workout AND the “TT Transformation Blueprint” program for 50% off the regular price when you order this week ONLY!  At TT Transformation Blueprint Georgette Pann, BS,CSN,CPT,LPTA… Continue Reading…

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SPARTACUS WORKOUT FOR COMBAT ATHLETESPosted on March 6, 2011 by FunkRoberts SPARTACUS 2.0 WORKOUT FOR MMA SPARTACUS MMA WORKOUT Awesome 10 exercise workout that focuses on conditioning, cardio, explosiveness, strength, muscular endurance, plyometrics, core and abs strength, lower body, power… Continue Reading…

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Turbulence Training Bodyweight Cardio 1000 One of the most amazing advantages of using your own bodyweight to lose fat and build muscle is that you don’t have to fork over hundreds of dollars for big, bulky equipment anymore. But what… Continue Reading…


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