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5 Steps to the Best Bootcamp Workouts If you want to have the best bootcamp workout classes in your city, then there are a few things you must be doing in order to dominate. Today, you’re going to discover the… Continue Reading…

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Bodyweight Cardio for Fat Burning Craig B has some great advice for us on bodyweight exercise and workouts no matter where you are,what the weather is ,indoor or outdoor,with no equipement! So what can you do? A bodyweight cardio fat… Continue Reading…

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Metabolic Resistance Training for Fat Loss is a hot topic. Craig B gives us some great info below… Now over to fitness expert, Craig Ballantyne, to explain why metabolic resistance training is so important for fat loss. “What is Metabolic… Continue Reading…

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TRX Rip Trainer: Mad Minute Complex BJ Gaddour was at TRX HQ recently to show us some metabolic work using the TRX Suspension Trainer including ladders, circuits, complexes, density training and Tabatas (watch this space for more from him in… Continue Reading…

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A great article from Criag B below The Truth About Beginner Fat Loss Workouts The last thing you want a beginner to do is long, slow, boring cardio workouts. Two reasons why: 1) Beginners will get an overuse injury from doing too… Continue Reading…


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