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What’s your exit strategy? Guest article from fitness business expert Alwyn Cosgrove. http://tinyurl.com/Alwyncosgrove Here is a simple but important question for you: What’s your exit strategy? Do you plan to train clients until you’re 85? No, probably not. At some… Continue Reading…

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Boot Camp Marketing Domination: Transformation Contests guest post by Ryan Ketchum One of the easiest ways to market and build your current boot camp program is holding several transformation contests each year in different formats to produce incredible results with… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

The very popular and helpful Muscle Imbalance Revealed – Lower Body Edition; has a new edition to help exercise enthusiasts and health & fitness professionals.   The new and improved Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body Edition, has lead to… Continue Reading…

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2 New workouts from Isaac Wilkins of http://athleticbootcamps.com  and a Sure Results contributor Isaac Wilkins Conditioning Workout #3    Warmup -Jog, 60 seconds -Shuffle Left, 30 seconds -Shuffle Right, 30 seconds -A-Skips, 30 seconds -Knee-to-Chest Walk, 30 seconds -High Kicks, 30… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

  Bootcamps plus the turning point in my career Guest Article by Alwyn Cosgrove  I wanted to share a couple common questions with you that I have been getting and I think you can benefit from the answers.   Over… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

Discover How To Lose Fat And Build Stamina With Almost ANY Equipment – Even Your Own Bodyweight – Using The Legendary Metabolic Resistance Training System By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, CTT What the heck is this new style of workout… Continue Reading…


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