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Kettlebell Bootcamp Workout for Fat Loss The NEW and IMPROVED TT Kettlebell Revolution V2.0 http://georgettepann.com/TTKBell       PLUS These 3 EXCLUSIVE Bonus Programs     Read more […]

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Boot Camp Workouts http://georgettepann.com/TTBC2.0 In the past ten years we’ve watched an incredible shift in the fitness industry. Boot camp workouts have dramatically changed the landscape of personal training and commercial gyms – for the better, in my opinion. Let… Continue Reading…

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Need a feeder system? Corporate Fitness Boot Camp HERE! Hey friends, I found her first! That’s what I’m going to tell people. Trina Gray, award-winning health club owner and corporate fitness expert, was recently named the TOP THREE RISING STAR… Continue Reading…

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Business is a Game, and Getting Rich is a Team Sport Jeff Sherman here with Boot Camp Underground Hey, hope you’re doing great. Jeff Sherman here with Boot Camp Underground. Today I am going to tell you about how business… Continue Reading…

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The Truth About Bodyweight Cardio By Craig Ballantyne http://georgettepann.com/101BWexercises The truth about Bodyweight Cardio is that it has the worst name in Turbulence Training history. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I put that label on it, but… Continue Reading…

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Have you created these essential 10 systems for your boot camp? Another must see video from bootcamp owner Jeff Sherman -http://tinyurl.com/bootcampunderground Video 3 in this series will cover the top 10 systems set up for your boot camp business  Watch it here… Continue Reading…


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