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 WOW  Emile Jarreau   Just surprised me with an awesome video..and coming from Mr Fat Loss I had to pass this on..Emile is truely passionate about what he does and it shows. You can check out my Sure Victory Bootcamp product here… Continue Reading…

fitness bootcampFitness BusinessFitness Business Revenue Streams

ACSM’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2012 For the 6th consecutive year, this survey has embraced previous trends and relegated those trends that have lost interest to the category of “fad, crazes, and rages.” And hopefully, this will help… Continue Reading…

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How to Use Workout Finishers in a Bootcamp Setting Mike Whitfield, CFNC, CTT http://georgettepann.com/BCFinishers   If there is one thing I love more than anything else, it’s seeing the faces of bootcamp newbies’ faces when I say we’re about to… Continue Reading…

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Improve Your Pull Up – 5 Ways By Shawna Kaminski   You don’t hear, ‘how many pull ups can you do?’ but its common place to hear talk about how much you can squat or bench. These are important strength… Continue Reading…

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5 Simple Steps to Elevate Your Income as a Fitness Professional By Rachel Seay, Owner of Inner Fit Studios   I know what it is like to work from gym to gym. Most trainers and fitness instructors have a schedule… Continue Reading…

fitness bootcampFitness BusinessFitness Business Revenue Streams

Here are a handful of ways you can create more leverage in your business: 1. Leverage your space by offering your highest return programs at peak hours and by finding ways to make use of every possible hour you can…. Continue Reading…


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