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  Do They Know You? Do They Like You? Do They Love You?       The foundation of a bootcamp is people, right? The more people that attend your bootcamp, the more money you make. But, how do you… Continue Reading…

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    Here’s a fun bodyweight circuit you can do yourself or with your bootcamp.   3×5 Bodyweight Circuit Workout TT Bodyweight Cardio 5 program   – Start with a general bodyweight warm-up circuit. – Do each exercise for 50… Continue Reading…

Fitness BusinessFitness Business Revenue Streams

McDonald’s and a Fitness Business? Fitnessbusinessblueprint Have you ever compared your fitness business to a McDonald’s? Probably not. But, before you go and condemn me for mentioning the restaurant chain that inspired the fitness horror story “Supersize Me” – let… Continue Reading…

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We are Killing Our Own Business      There are many people out there who want to work out and who want to work with a fitness professional, but we have slowly built walls in this industry that deny access… Continue Reading…

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5 Guaranteed Referral Strategies To Get New Clients As far as I’m concerned, fitness referrals should be at the core of any good fitness pro’s marketing system. The only problem is that using the same referral strategy over and over… Continue Reading…


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