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Bootcamp exercise Ideas

Gym-Less Workouts  by Travis Stoetzel   Workout #1 – Taken From Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight – Phase 4 – Day 3 1A) Power Skips 4 rounds x 25 yards x 2 for all out height and 2 sets for all out… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp Workouts

  TT Booty Bootcamp 2K12 (Workout # 6 of the 61 MRT Bootcamp Workouts) http://georgettepann.com/MRTBC Workout # 6 MRT Booty Bootcamp 2K12 Warm-up Do the following circuit twice, resting for 1 minute between circuits. Each excercise is to be performed… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

I got a great gueat post from Mickey:) He’s celebrating(maybe a little too much) TT trainer of the year but he is definatetly unique:) check it out below The Metabolic Finisher Advantage Mike Whitfield, CTT 2012 TT Trainer of the… Continue Reading…


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