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The Evolution of Bootcamp Games by Brian Kalakay Hey everyone! My name is Brian Kalakay and I play Games in my boot camp classes. You heard me…I PLAY GAMES IN BOOT CAMP. I know it is a weird combination (kind… Continue Reading…

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5 NEW done-for-you workouts that get RESULTS Workout #1Dynamic Warm Ups – 50/10Squat to StandWarrior Lunge into Inverted Hamstring StretchPush Up to Glute Stretch Spiderman Lunge w/ External Rotation Seal Claps/Pogo Jumps/High Knees (15 seconds each) 60/15 Intervals – 2… Continue Reading…

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 Thinking outside the Box- challenges and transformation contests (and we have a challenge for you-the trainer:)   Often as fitness trainers we get set in our ways of how we structure not only lesson plans but particular things in our… Continue Reading…

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Teaching the Kettlebell Swing- The Imaginary Swing guest post by Forest Vance, MS, RKC II  The kettlebell swing is the foundational HardStyle kettlebell movement. It’s CRITICAL that you master it before you move on to more advanced ballistic moves like… Continue Reading…

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5 Done for you Group Personal Training Workouts! The Future of Group Training: Group Personal Training  As Fitness Professionals, we all know that the popularity of fitness boot camps is just about reaching its all time high. And we also… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp challengesBootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

300 Bootcamp Transformation Challenge (This workout is taken from the Transformation Bootcamp manual) Do the following circuit three times, resting for 2 minutes between circuits. Prisoner Narrow-Stance Squats (20) Spiderman Pushups (10/side) Lunge Jumps (10 per leg – 20 total) Decline… Continue Reading…


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