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The BEST Boot Camp Exercise  I have some great posts coming here to the FBInner Circle and this guest post today will start things off with Shawna Kaminiski….. OK…What’s the BEST exercise to give every level of boot camp client?… Continue Reading…

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Are you the Best Bootcamp Trainer? Everyone I have come into contact with in my boot camps wants to know where I find my instructors and how do they know what to do to make the results come so quickly…. Continue Reading…

Fitness BusinessFitness Business Revenue Streams

How to Create Your Own Short-Term Weight Loss Program?  Even though January 1st was a couple weeks ago I wanted to make sure you got this FREE gift that you can use as your own to help reduce some of… Continue Reading…

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Building Relationships and Creating Community in Your Fitness Business  -Part Two   Okay, yesterday in part one we talked about how and why it’s important to deliver an experience within your business that simply creates that WOW factor for your… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Marketingfitness bootcampFitness BusinessFitness Business Revenue Streams

How To Build a Viral Community in Your Fitness Business- Retention- Part One   Whenever someone finds out how many clients we have coming into one facility, they always ask me how I’m able to grow and sustain such a lucrative… Continue Reading…

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Automate your Boot Camp Workouts with Body Rocker HIIT music guest post by Richard Westwood I hope your New Year is off to a great start and you are as excited as I am to be sharing a brand new interval… Continue Reading…


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