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88 Best Bodyweight Exercises from Tee Major Fitness  44 Best Beginner Bodyweight Exercises 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever     ALL  Sure Results Bootcamp Manuals plus the Special Edition volume are back on SALE for 19.95ea Grab ANY volume or… Continue Reading…

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What do you do to inspire your clients? by Sgt Nick Rians creator of FitRanx     I read a quote a few years ago that really stopped me in my tracks.   It read, “I want to inspire people…. Continue Reading…

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3 Day Bootcamp Workouts Georgette Pann    Workout Day 1   WARM UP 5 min. jog, 2 min. full body stretching   WORKOUT 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 crunches 15 squats, 15 pushups, 20 crunches 10 squats, 10 pushups, 20… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

Ultimate bodyweight-kickboxing circuit  by Dani Woodrum http://georgettepann.com/BWKBox The “Minute to Win It” Circuit Perform each exercise for 1 minute. After you complete the 6 minute circuit, rest 1 minute and repeat once more.   1) 10 Jumping Jacks/10 High Knees **… Continue Reading…

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Boot Camp Olympics Workout Boot Camp Olympics Instructions Print off a copy of the workout for each camper. Give a pen or pencil to each camper. This workout is built on points awarded for reps completed. No additional points are… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Games

How to Unscrew Your Boot Camp by Dexter Tenison, MSS    1.Get out of a rut in your design formatting.   Bruce Lee was a master of martial arts. He would take one portion of a fighting style that worked… Continue Reading…


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