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How to Get Your Clients in Shape Using a Centuries-Old Training Secret by Georgette Pann Many of you started training your clients with kettlebells . If not, this is definitely something you’re going to want to add to your bootcamps… Continue Reading…

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Fun, Proven and Profitable Ways to Train Your Bootcamp Clients Using Kettlebells  By Georgette Pann It’s no secret that the best way to fill a bootcamp is to achieve the following goals:   1. Get results for your clients. If… Continue Reading…

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6  Strategies for Boosting Client Retention Georgette Pann Whether you teach fitness boot camps, exercise classes or even conduct one-on-one personal training, there’s one issue that crops up repeatedly: client retention. A lot of trainers just accept client loss as… Continue Reading…

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Dead Bug Progression and Varitions By Sarah Rippel I had read an article by Joe Bonyai of Empower Athletic Development (http://empower-ade.com/2012/03/resuscitate-your-core-with-the-dying-bug-exercise/), and was inspired to shoot my own video that laid out a progression starting with the “Wall Bug.” I… Continue Reading…


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