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Ab Accelerator Workout +3 Ab Training Secrets Trainers Need to Know Guest post By Kate Vidulich ———- Let’s just face it.   Planks are a great exercise to train your abs, but your clients are bored with it. And having… Continue Reading…

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Odd and Even Bootcamp Workout Game by scott york Here’s another great fitness bootcamp workout idea for you.  This can be done after the warm up or after the main workout.  It’s called “Odd and Even”. You’ll need: A clock… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

Kettlebells: LESS Reps = MORE Fat Loss by: Chris Lopez, CSCS, SFGII Master Turbulence Trainer  http://georgettepann.com/TTKBell  The big farce in the fitness industry today is that you need to do a whole load of reps to increase your metabolism, burn… Continue Reading…

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Are Your Clients At Risk For These Metabolic Disasters? The holidays are coming, Friday comes around every 6 days and I can guarantee that every single year your clients will celebrate a birthday… with cake and icing. Now before you… Continue Reading…

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Undulating Your Metabolic Training (part 1 of GT Program Design Model…..http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/group-training-programming-model/) Clients get bored. It is that simple. For our typical fat loss client, they get bored even quicker. As a coach, trainer and motivator we need to stay on… Continue Reading…

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   Group Training Programming Model: A Format to Follow Programming for the General Population: A Format to Follow I’m often asked how I program my large group training model to maximize client results while accommodating 15-25 and even 30 + per… Continue Reading…


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