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Five Fitness Business Mistakes that are Killing Fitness Pros! By Alwyn Cosgrove   1.) Most trainers don’t understand they are running a BUSINESS. Most fitness professionals are running a hobby and trying to make money at it. That will never work long-term…. Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

The Busy Trainer Principles Mike Robertson-Creator of The BulletProof Athlete   Chances are if you’ve trained clients (or owned a gym) for any period of time, you’re familiar with a simple truth.   You are the last person to get… Continue Reading…

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How to Instill Fun in Your Boot Camp -Bootcamp Game Day  by Dexter Tenison   Across the nation, and now worldwide, people are getting up at 5:30 or 6 AM and going to their boot camp class.   At those classes… Continue Reading…

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 BootCamp Game Day Workout and Strategy You Can Implement Now!   Try this workout in your boot camp tomorrow! This is a killer workout that your boot camp members will love to hate! If you grew up the 80s, you… Continue Reading…

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 Challenge Fat Loss Circuit by Shawna K   Your clients want to lose weight. They want to drop fat like there’s no tomorrow, but are you getting them the results they deserve? Are you stuck for ways to help them?… Continue Reading…


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