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  Push-Up Progressions To Help You Conquer The Progress Plateau  guest post by Daniel Delisle As you go about your workout routine, one move that you must make sure you have in place is the push-up.  Few exercises will hit the… Continue Reading…

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How to Start a Start an Apartment Complex Boot Camp Greg Justice I believe it was Ben Franklin that said, “Opportunity is everywhere.”  That’s especially true in the fitness industry, just look at all the different programs and ways we… Continue Reading…

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 Bodyweight Finishers For Your Bootcamp   The Fab 5 Bodyweight Finisher Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes, resting only when needed. Use a fast tempo on all exercises (but with good form):   Low… Continue Reading…

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 Fitness Boot Camp Inner Circle-Podcast Episode 6 Georgette Pann and Jesse Stoddard, Jesse Stoddard, fitness boot camp business coach, personal trainer, and author featured in CNN Money, along with the well-known and highly regarded fitness expert Georgette Pann, owner of NutriFitness Bootcamps,… Continue Reading…

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Bootcamp Workout Templates+ Bootcamp Weekend Workouts(Free PDF)   Georgette Pann I have a couple bootcamp workouts posted below for you…plus some new BW bootcamp ideas posted here at blog  and a *free* pdf workout template..taken from the most in demand Fitness Bootcamp… Continue Reading…

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 Phase 3 of the 6-Month TT Bodyweight Manual – Workout A   Exercise substitutions: – For 1B, put your feet on steps instep of the ball – For 3A, do 1-Leg RDL’s instead of 1-leg curls – For 5B, do… Continue Reading…


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