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The EASIEST Client Referral Method Mike Whitfield, CTT Bootcamp Finishers   I remember when Craig Ballantyne and I worked together on the bootcamp workouts for the TT Summit earlier this year. He asked if I could provide the “grand finale”… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

How to Banish Cardio Forever in Bootcamps   There’s a new sheriff in town that’s spreading like a wildfire and being used by the best coaches in the world with their clients. Back in the 80’s and well into the… Continue Reading…

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 Podcast: Alicia Streger From FitProEssentials Shares Wisdom For Trainers   In this episode we interview Alicia Streger of fitproessentials Alicia started working grueling hours doing in-home personal training before she moved to a brand-new area and launched a boot camp. She… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesFitness BusinessFitness Business Revenue StreamsGroup Training

Here’s a guest post from my good friend and Complex Training expert, Callie Durbrow   Top 10 Reasons to Use Complexes With Your Clients  Barbell complexes are one of the best tools for overall fat loss and helping your clients… Continue Reading…

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The Ultimate Group Training Workout By Ryan Ketchum, Founder of Vertex Performance Systems   I have to say that in the past 8+ years as a trainer I have written well over 1000 group training workouts and programs.   Programming… Continue Reading…

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Episode # 26 Facebook Ads and Facebook Private Groups To Boost Your Fitness Biz In this episode the two seasoned vets explore the topics of Facebook ads for your boot camp and a private (or secret) Facebook group for your… Continue Reading…


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