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Episode #35 Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz From Resistance Band Training Part II In this episode we do part 2 of an interview with Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz from ResistanceBandTraining and learn more about why and how to implement bands into… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

How Bodyweight Angular Training Can Help Your Clients Build Muscle & Strength Even Faster   Growing a personal training business or bootcamp is not just about marketing, sales or leading your team. Sure these are all important.   But your… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

Podcast:Todd Kuslikis Part 2 And Body Weight Bundle 2.0   In this episode we interview Todd Kuslikis of A Shot Of Adrenaline and discuss the power and application of body weight training and angular training. Todd had a martial arts… Continue Reading…

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Episode #33 Adam McKenzie Interview   In this episode we interview Adam McKenzie, from AdamMcKenzie.net. Veteran fitness business coach from Australia, he owned 7+ businesses, a franchise, multiple gyms, and now is the master of boot camp contests and challenges… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

The Easiest Way To Get A Ton Of New Clients     As a huge fan of contests and challenges, I have managed to get a great guest post from my friend and challenge expert Adam Mckenzie  ——–   After… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

3 MRT Bootcamp Workouts+150 Finisher   Advanced Workout Dumbbell/Bodyweight Supersets http://georgettepann.com/MRTBC   Warm-up  Do the following circuit twice, resting for 1 minute between circuits. Each exercise should be performed for 20 seconds Prisoner Squat Inchworm Duck Unders Bird Dog Band… Continue Reading…


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