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Building Your Ideal Fitness Business Brand   Fitness business expert Pat Rigsby, has created a comprehensive course that will give you everything you need to build your own business brand (or optimize the one you have) and then create a… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

Podcast:Thomas Plummer ‘The Fitness Business Guru’ Interview n this episode we interview Thomas Plummer a veteran with more experience in his little pinky finger than the vast majority of all the fitness business guru’s online. Thomas goes over the good, the bad,… Continue Reading…

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  Workout #1 – 30-30 Beginner 10-Minute Total Body Workout Protocol: Do each exercise for 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds before moving to the next exercise.  Once you finish the first round, repeat 1 more time for a total of 2 rounds. … Continue Reading…

Bodyweight WorkoutsBootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

 10-Minute “Stacked” Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout Derek Wahler CCT   Using the latest fancy equipment in your bootcamp might impress your clients, but there are certain disadvantages that come with it as well. Whether you’re using dumbbells, suspension straps, resistance bands,… Continue Reading…

Fitness Business

Episode #37 Listener Questions: Summer Boot Camp For Women—Where and How,Pricing and MORE…   In this episode we take a question from our client Jean about Summer Boot Camps for Women, multiple boot camp locations, indoor vs. outdoor, low barrier… Continue Reading…

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Increase Bootcamp Workout Intensity With This Tool Tips for Successful Jump Roping(video)   Want to instantly increase the workout intensity in your small group training and boot camps? How about the added bonus of using a dirt cheap piece of… Continue Reading…


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