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 Episode 42 Alicia Streger Returns with The Little Black Dress Project     Alicia Streger from fitproessentials.com returns for another great interview. This time, Alicia has perfected the transformation challenges and contests area and has some fantastic new ways to… Continue Reading…

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9 Step Plank Progressions (Micro Progression Technology) This guest post was written by Tyler Bramlett, AKA The Garage Warrior, creator of 0-6 Pack Abs. Everyone and their mom has heard of the plank, right? Heck, you even see people in the… Continue Reading…

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Core Activation Sequences Guest post by Tyler Bramlett and Dr. James Vegher Let’s face it, the #1 thing your clients want is a slimmer and more toned waistline. Just imagine the look on your clients face the first time they are… Continue Reading…

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4 Key Components to Effectively Programming Group Training By Tyler English   There are four key components that every large group, small group or semi-private program must utilize. 1.Warm-up 2. Core Training 3. Metabolic Resistance Training or Metabolic Conditioning 4…. Continue Reading…

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3 Simple Ways To Get More Leads With Facebook By Ryan Ketchum   Facebook ads are all the rage right now in the marketing community—and for good reason!   It’s easier than ever to reach a bigger, broader audience and… Continue Reading…

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Episode 41 Ryan Ketchum Returns-Fitness Marketing Domination   In this episode they do a follow up interview Ryan Ketchum from Fitness Marketing Domination and Vertex Performance Why do 90% of people fail at fitness transformations? Ryan is driven to answer this… Continue Reading…


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