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The Dark Side of Fitness Boot Camps by Georgette Pann Avoid these 8 Mistakes to Ensure Satisfied Customers and Maximum Profits Everyone wants their fitness boot camp to be successful and profitable. But there are some mistakes frequently made by… Continue Reading…

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 2 Complete Suspension Training Circuits The NEW Suspension Revolution 2.0   How to execute each circuit below: Recommended Foot Stance: Feet together or on 1 leg (intermediate) Recommended Strap Positions: Upper Body: Adjust for appropriate intensity Lower Body: 6″– 8″… Continue Reading…

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Art McDermott, Baby Boomer and Aging Fitness Expert   Art McDermott from the Boomer Blueprint is the guest for this interview. Art  has been involved with strength sports for over 25 years. During that time, he has participated in over 23… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp Marketingfitness bootcampFitness Bootcamp MarketingFitness Bootcamps/ Business PodcastFitness Business Revenue Streams

Got Baby Boomers in Your Bootcamp?  Read this first… by Art McDermott Is allowing clients over age 50 into your boot camp appropriate? The short answer? It depends.  I know, that’s a terrible answer, but let’s look at all sides… Continue Reading…


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