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Episode 60 Fitness Boot Camp Business Methods  In this episode we go over some new and not-so-new ways to grow a successful fitness business.  We also talk about how to hire a coach or fitness business “guru”.     Resources… Continue Reading…

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5 Bodyweight Boxing Circuits   Incorporate these brand NEW boxing circuits into your bootcamps or programs ….. Boxing Circuit 1: Place 5 Cones 15yrds apart in zig zag formation Boxers undertake 100 Jab/Crosses at cone 1 then run to cone 2… Continue Reading…

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7 Ways to Change Up Your Bootcamp Workouts Georgette Pann Creator of the Sure Victory Bootcamp Kit Bootcamps have evolved so much, especially in the last 12-14 months. I’m coach several successful bootcamp owners and coaches and when we talk, I… Continue Reading…


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