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Up ‘n Down Bodyweight Challenge+Why Challenge Your BootCamp Clients?      I’ll have Shawna Kaminiski answer that one plus give you a sample Bodyweight Challenge to use in your camps!  Boot campers love a challenge. That’s why they sign up for boot… Continue Reading…

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    Today I have an awesome full “Done for You” workout session from Fitness Expert Funk Roberts. Check out the full session below from Funk.   Best Giant Bootcamp Workout Ever! (use this today!) – Funk Roberts   My… Continue Reading…

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Podcast:Greg Justice-Corporate Fitness      Corporate Fitness cert ———– Greg Justice is the Co-founder of the the National Corporate Fitness Institute.  NCFI is the premier trainer certification program in the corporate niche.  Greg and NCFI have structured what some trainers… Continue Reading…

Bodyweight WorkoutsBootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workoutsfitness bootcampfitness bootcamp videosWorkouts-Programming

6 NEW Workout Videos-BW Shred,Tabata Abs,BW Ladder,Density Circuits, Meta Super Sets +Finishers   Bodyweight Shred Bootcamp Workout  http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/bootcampshred/     Tabata Abs Workout (Follow Along) http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/tabataabs/     Metabolic Bodyweight SuperSets Workout  http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/metsuperset/     Combat Conditioning Dumbbell Finisher   http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/go/densitydb/     Bodyweight Read more […]


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