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Utilizing Conditioning Workouts by Dave Randolph Many trainers want to have their clients do nothing but conditioning workouts, HIIT all the time just to make them tired & sweaty, because it’s easy to do and requires no knowledge of proper… Continue Reading…

Bodyweight WorkoutsBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp WorkoutsGroup TrainingWorkouts-ProgramingWorkouts-Programming

6 Bodyweight Conditioning Circuits   BW Conditioning Circuit  #1 Exercise Progression Regression Work Rest Notes Skater’s lunge     30s 15s   Sit thru   Hands elevated 30s 15s   V-Up     30s 15s   Split Squat Jumping split Squat… Continue Reading…

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Podcast On New Workout Programs And Pricing Strategies     In this episode, Georgette and Jesse talk about a great way to have new workouts in your boot camps and better pricing strategy for personal training/bootcamps….yep we got carried away..episode… Continue Reading…


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