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5×5 STATION CIRCUIT  by FunkRoberts     This workout has 5 stations all focusing on different aspects of what you will need to become a well-conditioned . You will work through each station one by one for 5 minutes each. POWER… Continue Reading…

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Podcast: Chris Severs of Anchor Point Training Chris began his fitness education as a competitive rugby player in Canada. Through 40 seasons, 1971-2011learned how to rehabilitate a wide variety of injuries and stayed competitive into his  50s. 2007 opened a… Continue Reading…

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Anchor Point Training- Suspension and Band Workout Videos   Anchor Point Training (APT) is about better understanding, tools and methods.   APT equipment provides two distinct types of resistance; anchored body weight with suspension and anchored elastic resistance.  You can… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp exercise IdeasBootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workoutsbootcamp workoutsGroup Trainingnew bootcamp ideasWorkouts-Programming

Alternating EMOMs for Small Group Training By Sarah Rippel -Author of Build N Burn   It’s no secret that I love the EMOM format for conditioning work in a group training setting. EMOM stands for “every minute on the minute,”… Continue Reading…


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