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3 Adrenaline Workout Finishers

3 Adrenaline Workout Finishers


1.Density Finisher – “Metabolic 4 X 4”


A density finisher is when you do either as many reps as possible in

a certain amount of time or when you do as many circuits (or rounds)

in a certain amount of time.


Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes, resting

only when needed. If your form gets sloppy, you MUST stop and rest.


Lunge Jumps or Alternating Lunges (4 reps per side)

Close-Grip Pushup (4 reps)

Jumping Jacks (4 reps)

X-Body Mountain Climber with Feet Elevated (4 reps per side)


2.Gauntlet Finisher – “The Swinging Gauntlet”


A gauntlet is when you assign a certain exercise as the gauntlet

within a circuit. So you’ll perform the gauntlet exercise, followed by 

a new exercise, then back to the gauntlet exercise, etc. 
Do the following circuit ONE time, resting only when needed.
KB or DB Swings (25 reps)
Decline Pushups (15 reps)
KB or DB Swings (25 reps)
Bodysaw (15 reps)
KB or DB Swings (25 reps)
Plank to Triceps Extension (15 reps)
KB or DB Swings (25 reps)


That Plank to Triceps exercise is whacky… here’s how to do it…






3.Ladder Finisher – “Renegade Bulgarians”


These can trick you because they look easy on paper. This is when you 

do a certain number of reps of each exercise, then in the next round, 

you do one less rep, etc. Now you can even combine the density approach 

with a ladder, too. But today, let’s keep it simple…


Do the following superset resting only when needed. In the first

superset, you’ll perform 8 reps of each exercise. In the next superset, 

you’ll perform 7 reps of each. Continue in this fashion until you complete

1 rep of each exercise.


Bulgarian Jump Squat or Bulgarian Split Squat (8/side…1/side)

Renegade Row (8/side…1/side)


Again, the Bulgarian Jump Squat is tricky… here’s how to do it (and

don’t be afraid to just do the regular BSS…)



Bulgarian Jump Squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. 

Place the instep of one foot on a bench. Step forward with the other foot, 

taking a slightly larger than normal step.

Contract your glutes, brace your abs and keep your spine in a neutral 


Lower your body until your front thigh is parallel to the ground.

Keep your upper body upright and your lower back flat.

Jump using the front foot, and keeping the upright position. 


Stay in a split-squat stance.
Land in the bottom of a Bulgarian squat and repeat

Perform all reps for one leg and then switch.


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