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3 Easy Steps to Double Your Clientele + Turbine Workout Video

3 Easy Steps to Double Your Clientele

Jason Klein, MS, CSCS
Former Fitness Instructor to the US Marines



Have you ever had the feeling that a Client was getting bored of your workouts?


Think back to the last time you witnessed a trainer who gave the same exact training routine over and over, again.


Funny. This reminds me of indoor cycling classes for some reason.


Probably everyone reading this has either witnessed or fallen victim to the same problem of failing to introduce fresh programming.


And as a side note, the purpose of this short article is not to say that there shouldn’t be repetition in your programming. There should be, just as long as it has a desired outcome and some sort of logic within the rationale.


This article will specifically fix the problem of keeping your Clients coming back to fresh and practical exercise selection without you hiding outside in your car 10-minutes prior because you had a long day and didn’t plan a workout.  


Don’t freak, just follow these steps:


Step #1. Balance Adaptation with Variety


The heavily popularized theory of, “always keep the body guessing,” is largely bull crap and just sexy marketing slang to pull in new customers.


If the body could “guess,” then we would know.


As you know, specific adaptation occurs in the form of a response to specific stress. This is why it’s your best interest to focus on movements that relate to one another so your Clients will see those “toned” arms and legs.


One of the simplist methods for combining adaptation with variety is creating a compounded exercise/mobility combo.


Check out the heel push and yoga push-up in the 8-minute workout I shot for you below.


Compound as much mobility into your exercises as you can.



Step #2. Bring Authentic Energy


By authentic energy, I mean your energy and not the energy of Terry Crews’ Euro Training Workout.


See, most Trainers will never have the naturally extroverted personalities of some group exercise instructors, or Terry Crews.


And that is a good thing.


It does not signify that you won’t be successful in a group-training environment.


It means that you should do is this instead: Be yourself, and don’t try to be a second version of another trainer that you might be envious of.


Clients and prospects will flock to you when you are displaying the most authentic version of yourself.


Step #3. Give a Sneak Peak


Express to your Clients, the reason for the day’s workout and how it will build on their next session, in order to achieve the outcome that they are paying you for. This is a simple and immediate differentiator between you and all the other trainers in your locale.


Just over-deliver, period.


Highlight the new movements you will be introducing for the next session and ask for your Clients (by name) what types of exercises are their favorite.


This video below is an example workout 

 Utilize the compounded exercise/ mobility movements in this 8-minute Turbine routine in your next training session, especially if you want to forever be seen as the most professional and progressive trainer in your City…

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30 Sec. Work/30 Sec. Rest

Upper Cluster A                                          

A1) Plank

A2) Close Grip Push-Up

A3) Frozen Close Push-Up

A4) Heel Push

Upper Cluster B

B1) Prone Iso-Ab

B2) Outward Intention Push-Up

B3) Stick-Em Up

B4) Yoga Push-U

Make sure you comment below and share how you add variety to your workouts.


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 To Your Success,




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