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3 Factors to Be Different from the Bootcamp Up the Street

3 Factors to Be Different from the Bootcamp Up the Street

Mike Whitfield, CTT


Just a few years ago, you could open up a bootcamp business and have immediate success. Those were the “good ole’ days”. These days, you have to bring something unique to your bootcamps or your campers will be gone in just days to go to the cheaper bootcamp down the street.


Here are 3 tips to WOW your campers and keep them coming back, plus they’ll bring more referrals and help boom your bootcamp business in no time.


Wow Factor # 1 – Use a Variety of Challenges with Your Bootcamps

I’ll let my friend Shawna Kaminski, who just closed a $50K promo because of her unique bootcamp workout challenges show you a challenge you can use with your bootcamp here:


As many reps as possible per set: Count the total rounds completed in 12 minutes. Partial rounds will not be counted, only complete rounds count for the final score.


Equipment: Timer, DB’s Jump Rope




10 burpees

10 renegade row pushups

10 mountain climbers (per leg)

10 DB walking lunges (per leg)

10 DB squats

50 jump rope skips

Rules of the test:

Campers record only complete rounds.


Training variation:

Do timed sets of the above exercises, 30/5 for five rounds


Wow Factor # 2 – Get Crazy with Unique Finishers with Every Bootcamp Workout

I’ll take the reigns on this one. Mikey likey finishers. Whatever. Anyway, instead of the long, boring cardio that every other bootcamp does, introduce a new finisher with each workout. You’ll do this at the end to give your campers a “high” to leave on, plus they will get better results.


This is the famous “Three’s Company Finisher” we did at the TT Summit last year:


Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes, resting only when needed (your campers will rest at different times)


Burpee/Spiderman Pushup Combo (3)

Lunge Jumps (3/side)

X-Body Mountain Climber (3/side)



Now that’s an amazing way to finish any workout.


Wow Factor # 3 – Use Bootcamp Games

Adults are big kids, and they are just afraid to admit it. We’re all kids. That’s why Brian Kalakay uses games with his bootcamps and gets a flood of ongoing referrals. You can use the “Circle Chase” shown in the video below and more…



But what happens when you combine all 3 of these? Let’s say you choose one of Shawna’s 24 challenges, followed by one of the 31 Bootcamp Games from Brian and then one of the 31 Bootcamp Finishers from me?


“Mikey, that sounds like an ultimate bootcamp system


You’re totally right imaginary person. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Shawna Kaminski and Brian Kalakay. We understand that you need a solution to beat workout boredom forever, so now you can get all of these in one place:


 Bootcamp Workout Challenges

 Bootcamp Games

 Bootcamp Finishers


It’s easily the best bootcamp offer of 2012. You’ll never have workout boredom again plus you’ll bring creativity to every single one of your bootcamp workouts. All you have to do is hit print with these done-for-you resources.

Beat workout boredom forever,

Mike Whitfield (AKA Mikey), CTT

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