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3 Problems with Boot Camp Games…Solved

3 Problems with Boot Camp Games


Once again, I have listened to your opinions and made a game that will help solve some of your problems.

I’m sure you have heard about how much boot camp games can help a boot camp business out in terms of retention and smashing through boot camp boredom to gain more referrals.

Despite the hundreds of people that have had MASSIVE success with the boot camp games, some people are still finding some obstacles that are preventing them from implementing games at the end of their boot camp sessions.

Here are some of the obstacles people are stuck on with playing games at the end of their boot camp sessions:
1. Not enough time at the end of the session
2. No Equipment to use to play games with
3. Some games take too much time to set up

Well, never to fear! I have found a solution that will solve all of these problems!

Here is a game that literally takes less than 2 minutes to play from start to finish, uses NO Equipment and has NO set up time.

This game is as “Plug and Play” as you can get in terms of easy implementation. If you have never tried using a game at the end of your boot camp session, this would be a great one to start with.

Hand Tag


Format: Every person for themselves

Equipment Needed: None

Setup: Have everyone get into a pushup position and spread out across the room

Objective: The person with the most points at the end of 60 seconds will win.

How to Play: When the time starts, everyone will start to crawl around in a pushup position.

While crawling around, they are going to try and tag other peoples’ hands using their hands.

Every time someone tags someone else’s hand they get a point.

If their hand gets tagged they lose a point.

The person with the most points will win at the end of the time period. One to two minutes for this game usually works best.

Make sure to watch the video as well. This will show you how EASILY this game can be incorporated into a REAL boot camp.

If you would like more games like this make sure to check out the Partner Boot Camp Games Program that I am running a sale on RIGHT NOW. http://georgettepann.com/bcpartnergames


The Partner Boot Camp Games Program is designed to be implemented no matter the size of your boot camp session (2 people – 100 people) AND the games require less than 3 minutes of your session times, some games even just a minute.

The Boot Camp Partner Games program will include:
– 31 Partner Games Manual
– 31 Partner Games Videos
– 21 Fitness Tag Variations

–       17 Referral Card Games

–       Client Appreciation Week Blueprint Manual

Make sure to check it out before the deal expires and the price goes back up to the normal rate.

In the mean time, I hope this game can help you overcome those obstacles that may have been preventing you from using Boot Camp Games at the end of your Boot Camp Sessions.

These Boot Camp Games will help you skyrocket your retention rates, double your memberships and deliver an entertaining training experience that will keep people coming back every day for more.


You should grab this program TODAY, because he is throwing in another special bonus: Boot Camp Olympics Manual. It details how to set up and run a month of indoor boot camp olympics. This is great for retention and referrals:

CLICK HERE to get your Boot Camp Olympics Manual 


Game On! 🙂



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