3 Steps To Launching A Sports Training Business

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Your 3 Step Rapid Action Plan For Launching A Sports Training Business

by Pat Rigsby

1. Choose Your First Niche – Ultimately you can build programs to serve different sport niche markets, but to make this happen and happen fast you need to start with one.  Ideally you’ll choose a niche that:

:: You enjoy working with :: You have the expertise to serve well :: You have some contacts that can help in getting you started (see step 2) :: There is a local market for

2. Develop Your Target List Of Contacts – Grab a notebook or open an excel document and start listing everyone you know. Neighbors, friends, co-workers, clients, people you go to church with, etc.  This list should exceed more than 100 people and likely will reach 200.  Now, go through the entire list and reach out to each person via phone, personal email or in person and tell them about your desire to serve the youth (niche) market and ask if they know anyone who could benefit from you holding a free clinic or seminar.

People in your network that have children who play sports will know coaches and sometimes be on booster clubs. Some people may be coaches or other centers of influence.  After you’ve contacted that list go directly to leagues, private instructors, etc. This all requires ‘hustle’, but will pay off big.

3. Schedule First Seminar, Talk or Clinic – Once you’ve made contact with people that are centers of influence in your target market, schedule an event.  Whether it’s meeting with one team to team proper warm ups, a home school parents association to talk about physical education or an entire community to discuss getting athletic scholarships – just make it happen.  At all live events you must capture contact information for kids / parents at the very minimum for future marketing.  If you are in an environment that permits making a special offer (anywhere but at a team function like a practice where you’re discussing proper warm ups) – make an offer.  The worst that can happen is they don’t buy.

***Bonus Step – Keep It Up – Persistence will pay off and you will position yourself as the resident expert for your niche if you keep working the system. Keep looking for opportunities to get in front of teams and organizations, networking and building relationships. As an added bonus – if you are launching your own sports performance business – be sure to invest in our new resource: Sports Training Business.  For just $97 you can have a blueprint for running a successful business and all the tools you’ll need to get started.

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