300 Bootcamp Transformation Challenge

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300 Bootcamp Transformation Challenge

(This workout is taken from the Transformation Bootcamp manual)

Do the following circuit three times, resting for 2 minutes

between circuits.

Prisoner Narrow-Stance Squats (20)

Spiderman Pushups (10/side)

Lunge Jumps (10 per leg – 20 total)

Decline Pushups (20)

Burpee/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo (20)

Then plug in one of the 31 finishers like the “Squatting Jacks”, “The Spider Gauntlet”

or 3’s Company Finisher

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As you know, a density finisher is when you do as much as

you can in short amount of time. Then the next time you do

that finisher,have your campers try to beat previous total reps.


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