3×5 Bodyweight Circuit Workout

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Here’s a fun bodyweight circuit you can do yourself or with your



3×5 Bodyweight Circuit Workout

TT Bodyweight Cardio 5 program


– Start with a general bodyweight warm-up circuit.

– Do each exercise for 50 seconds and rest for 10 seconds

 before moving to the next exercise.

– Rest 60 seconds after completing each circuit.

– Go through each circuit once.


1A) Prisoner Lunge

1B) Cossack Lunge

1C) 1-Leg RDL

1D) Pushup Plus

1E) Total Body Extension


2A) Low Box Jumps

2B) Lunge Jumps

2C) Spiderman Pushups

2D) Close-Stance Bodyweight Squat



3A) Bulgarian Split Squat – 25 seconds per side

3B) Sprinter Step-up

3C) Decline Close-Grip Push-up

3D) Prisoner Reverse Lunge

3E) Total Body Extension


It’s the perfect plan for the park, the gym, and even in your bootcamps.


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  1. Alex Says:

    I really love circuits and also bootcamp fitness clubs because it’s so fun doing workout with a lot of people. Keep posting!

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