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4 Bootcamp Partner Game Finishers

4 Bootcamp Partner Game Finishers



Boulder Chase

Format: Everyone as a team versus two to four boulder rollers

Supplies Needed: One Stability Ball

How to Begin: Have everyone spread out around the floor and give the stability ball to one of the boulder rollers.

Objective: If everyone is out at the end of time the boulder rollers win. If there are still people in then the boulder rollers lose.

How to Play: When time begins, the boulder rollers will hit the stability ball with their hands trying to tag people out with the ball.

The boulder rollers must work as a team by passing the ball to each other while trying to tag people out with the stability ball.

Once someone touches the ball, they have to sit out on the sidelines and hold in a squat position until the game is over.

Play this game for about one to two minutes and then switch up the boulder rollers.


Burpee High Five Tag

Format: Everyone versus the tagger(s)

Supplies Needed: None

How to Begin: Have everyone spread out across the floor away from the tagger(s). If you have a large group of people then designate multiple taggers. I recommend one tagger per 10 people.

Objective: If everyone is frozen at the end of the time period, the tagger wins. If people are still unfrozen at the end of time the tagger loses.

Rules: When time begins, the tagger will run around and tag people around the floor.

Once they are tagged, they are frozen in that spot until someone “unfreezes” them.

To unfreeze them, someone who is not frozen must do a burpee in front of them and on the jump, give the frozen person a double high five.

Once the burpee high five has been completed, the person is unfrozen.

Keep in mind that the people doing the burpee high fives can be tagged and frozen, so make sure they do the burpee high fives quickly.

Play this game for one to three minutes and then feel free to switch taggers.



Black Jack

Format: Two even teams of people

Supplies Needed: A deck of playing cards

How to Begin: Have both teams line up in a single file line across each end of the floor facing each other (one team facing the other).

Objective:The first team to get a black jack wins.

Rules:Start by having each team hold in a pushup position.

Pick a person at the end of each team’s line to come to the center of the room.

The instructor will play blackjack (or 21) with the two people. Follow the same rules as you would play in a casino.

If a team beats the other team then the winning team can rest in a squat position while the other team holds in a pushup position.

Then the next two people will come up and play. Again the winning team can rest in a squat position while the other team holds in a pushup.

If a team gets a black jack (ace and a face card or 10) then that team wins.



KB Circle of Burpees

Format: Everyone verses everyone

Equipment Needed: Two kettlebells

Setup: Have the entire group get into a big circle in the center of the floor.

Objective: Don’t be the person that ends up with both kettle bells.

How to Play: Start by giving the kettle bells to two people who are right next to each other in the circle.

When the instructor says “go”, the people holding the kettle bell will do five kettle bell swings and then pass the kettlebell to the person next to them.

The kettlebells will be passed one to the right and the other to the left. This way the kettle bells are moving in opposite directions toward the other side of the circle.

When the kettle bells meet at one person, that person has to do 5 burpees.

Repeat this game by starting the kettlebells at random spots in the circle; this way everyone has a chance to “feel the pressure”

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