4 Circuit Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout

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4 Circuit Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout
Member Submission by Marcus Wallace

Round 1
30 sec tap left hand push -tap right hand push ups
30 sec High Plank
30 sec mountain climbers 
Rest 30 sec
Round 2
30 sec half lunges to Power Squat
30 sec Isometric Squat hold
30 sec jump squats
Rest 30 sec
Round 3 
30 sec Pike up to shoulder to push ups
30 sec Low Plank
30 sec Burpee W/Pushup & Jump
Rest 30 
Round 4
30 sec Rear Lunge
30 sec Isometric Lunge hold
30 sec Lunge-Squat-Lunge Jump
Rest 30 
Burnout Finisher
10 Calf Raises
10 vertical jumps
10 in and outs
20 jumping jacks
10 in and outs
10 vertical jumps
10 Calf Raises
5 pushups
5 Shoulder pushups
5 lat push ups
5 Triceps/Diamond push ups
5 Biceps Push ups
5 squat to push up
5 Oblique push ups 


Sure Victory Bootcamp Member Workout by: 
Marcus Wallace
Army Soldier, Bodybuilder, and Pro-Basketball 6-time MVP

Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor
Army Solider, Bodybuilder, Fitness Program Designer


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