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4 Exercises that are a MUST for your Fitness Bootcamp

4 Exercises that are a MUST for your Fitness Bootcamp
By Georgette Pann

Running a fitness bootcamp can be an extremely rewarding experience. Helping groups of people to get in shape at the same time is fun and the training can be intense. Nowadays, with all the choices that folks have to workout and get in shape, your bootcamp will need to provide not only a fun and exciting atmosphere, but real RESULTS the participants can see. A bootcamp that produces results is one that will get plenty of word of mouth.

Below are 4 exercises that are not only fun, but can provide AMAZING results. If these aren’t a part of your bootcamp yet, then it’s time to add them in and get your folks to work!

  1. 1.       Pistols-A surefire test of bodyweight strength and muscle control not to mention an INCREDIBLE leg workout is the pistol. This is a one legged squat where you put one leg out in front of you and then lower yourself till your thigh is parallel or even lower if you can manage. Just as in a regular squat, it is important to keep the knee behind your toes. In group settings, make sure to watch form so no injuries occur. Once you can get your entire bootcamp performing pistols, their leg strength will go through the roof! If you really want to see them wince, have them hold a kettlebell out in front of them!
  2. 2.       Turkish Get-Up-Perhaps one of the best total body exercises known to man, the Turkish Get-up will challenge your will and muscular endurance like no other exercise. Basically, you start lying on your back with a kettlebell in one hand held arm extended straight up in the air. You then move from lying on your back to standing straight up and then back down again. All while keeping the kettlebell straight up in the air. Make sure you learn the form for this one from an experienced trainer. It is not easy, but this one move will ensure that NO ONE forgets the workout that got at your fitness bootcamp!
  3. 3.       Burpees-Not sure why it is called this as it is less likely that someone will burp as throw up when doing this move, but one thing is for sure, your bootcamp attendees will be on FIRE after knocking out a few reps of these babies! Simple enough to do, go from standing straight up right to a push up position (no in several motions as in a squat thrust, but in one controlled motion) and then go right into a pushup. Then, pop up to a standing position again and jump high into the air with your hands above your head. That is one rep. Do a few and you’ll know what these burpees are all about…
  4. 4.       Kettlebell Swings-Personally, I think kettlebell swings make a great foundation for ANY exercise program as they not only provide a great overall muscular workout, they will train your cardio like crazy as well! Simply grab a kettlebell with both hands, and swing it through your legs and then up and in front of you up to eye level. Want to go for more intensity? Swing that bell straight overhead. Continue for 20-25 reps and you will know why this exercise is soon becoming a fitness bootcamp favorite.Make sure these 4 exercises are a part of your next bootcamp and you can rest assured that your attendees will feel the burn and get the results they were looking for!

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2 comments on “4 Exercises that are a MUST for your Fitness Bootcamp

These are great. I love doing workouts from home.


I really enjoyed this post, especially the “examples in this post” portion which made it really easy for me to SEE what you were talking about without even having to leave the article. Thanks


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