5 Best Fitness Bootcamp Workout Methods

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5 Best Fitness Bootcamp Workout Methods



Here are the 5 essential components to the best NO-equipment, body weight exercise fitness bootcamp workouts!

1.   You’ll start with a total body warm-up and a series of multi-muscle exercises to specifically prepare the muscles and joints for the following exercises.

2.   The strength exercises follow the warm-up and are done at this time when the muscles are not fatigued.

3.   After the strength exercises comes the circuits focusing on moderately difficult exercises. Three circuit methods have been included, however not all fitness bootcamp workouts contain all three methods. Most workouts only use 1-2 different circuit methods.

Circuit 1:

The first circuit is the classic Big 5 Circuit method. The order of this circuit is squat, push, pull, single-leg, and total body ab exercise. Due to a lack of equipment, the “pull” exercise is often replaced with a squat that also trains the upper back (i.e. Prisoner Squat or Y-Squat) or the Stick-up exercise. If you have equipment such as a kettlebell, dumbbell, or resistance bands, you can use traditional pulling exercises such as rows.

Circuit 2:

The second circuit method is the new Depletion Workout template. The order of this circuit is jump, push, squat, push, single leg, total body ab exercise, and finishes with some type of sprint or explosive exercise (i.e. run in place, jumping jacks, etc.).

Circuit 3:

The third circuit method is the Tabata protocol using bodyweight exercises such as squats, pushups, planks, lunges, etc. Each “Tabata” is done for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of recovery. To add difficulty, we can do the 10 seconds of recovery by holding the exercise in a difficult position.

4.   After the circuits comes ab training using total body ab exercises. There are no crunches in the NO-equipment Fitness Bootcamp Workouts. In two of the workouts below, extra abdominal work has been added for variety. Your clients will love those workouts!

5.   Finally, you have the option of using the Fun’n’Games to finish off the program. In my experience, clients love the “follow the leader” game as well as the chance to lead the group for a few moments. Once in a while you can insert the Fun’n’Games after a warm-up, if your clients really love this routine.

You can use bodyweight exercises only, or you can use equipment as well. Kettlebells, medicine balls, dumbbells, and even stability balls are great tools you can use with little to no cost. Heck, you can even use sandbags or resistance bands.

So to recap, start with a total body warm-up, then strength, then circuits (both the Big 5 and the Depletion), and then even Tabata intervals. Then get into some ab circuits and stretching to finish off.

So that’s it. Cover these 5 aspects in your fitness bootcamp workouts and bring the energy and you’ll have a lot of raving fans and happy campers!




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    Interesting post. I follow a very similar pattern in my bootcamps. I too have found that my clients love the follow the leader game at the end of class as well. For some reason it always seems to involve me doing high knees or Mtn. climbers(I guess it is pay back). Also abs are surely a must in the 4 spot.

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